How To Play Top Wheel Treasures

All details below were correct when published on 30th August 2019. 18+. UK Only. Wagering terms and conditions apply. Please gamble responsibly.

Top Wheel Treasures Review

Not content with offering players Evolution Gaming’s Dream Catcher, Casumo have their own version of the game. It’s called Top Wheel Treasures. Developed by Evolution Gaming there’s actually no difference in the two games. This is good because it means we can simply repeat the information for Dream Catcher. Top Wheel Treasures is a live casino game show where the host presenter spins a wheel. On the wheel are 54 various segments and players bet on the segment that they think will “win” that round. The numbers that can be bet on are 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 40. These correspond to the prizes that can be won (1:1, 2:1, 5:1 etc).

How To Play Top Wheel Treasures

The distribution of numbers on the wheel are as follows: 23 x 1, 15 x 2, 7 x 5, 4 x 10, 2 x 20 and 1 x 40. Additionally you will find a x2 and x7 multiplier on the wheel. If the spin stops on either of these segments then they act as a “bonus spin”. The multiplier then comes into play on the next round! All current bets will remain in play for that next round but no new bets will be taken. Consecutive multipliers are unlimited subject to a default maximum win of £500,000. Wagering on Top Wheel Treasures starts at 10p but the maximum bet can be as high as £2500 depending where you play.

Top Wheel Treasures Game Play Strategy

During gameplay you can interact with the host via a chat window. This makes game play more immersive and fun. Top Wheel Treasures is exclusive to Casumo so this means that you’re only playing against fellow players. With Dream Catcher you’ll be playing with players from other casinos. In truth this doesn’t make an iota of difference because the odds are the same and there are no additional prizes available.

We don’t think that there is a strategy for playing this game – or indeed any of the spin the wheel games. Ultimately it’s a game of chance where each spin is independent of the one before. You can hedge your bets and spread across the higher winning options in the hope they eventually come up. Alternatively you could simply target 1s and 2s and see if a slow and steady approach yields dividends. Finally you could go gung-ho and stick to betting on 40 until your luck comes in. The key fact is that the best you can win is 40/1 (on one spin without a multiplier) but the chances of getting that 40 is 54/1. In other words the house will always win in the end.