Slingo Rainbow Riches Slot Review

Slingo Rainbow RichesSlingo is the slots meet bingo game that resides at the likes of Spin Genie, Power Fruity, Deal Or No Deal Casino, Love Island Games and of course itself. There are many different themes associated with the game including reel riches, roulette, Britain’s Got Talent and X-Factor. Joining these is Slingo Rainbow Riches which is currently only exclusive at

What Is Slingo?

If you’ve never played Slingo before then as mentioned it’s basically slots meets bingo. You set a wager – from between 50p to £200 a game – and for that you receive 10 spins. Each spin generates up to five numbers and these numbers are then crossed off your 5×5 grid. In addition to numbers you may also spin jokers to mark off numbers of your choosing and extra free spins.

The aim is simple – cross off as many numbers as you can to make as many lines as you can. Each line is called a Slingo and you need to get at least five lines (left to right, up and down, diagonally) in order to win a prize.

Rainbow Riches Bonus

At the end of the 10 spins (plus any free spins you’ve won) you may be able to play on by making extra wagers in order to chase a bigger prize. The difference between Slingo Rainbow Riches and other variations is based on the prize structure. Whilst other games offer a fixed prize at 5 lines and above, Rainbow Riches offers a bonus round at each prize level. These include the Pick A Wishing Well, Cash Crop Bonus, Magic Toadstool Bonus and Road To Riches Bonus.

Our Verdict

This makes this version of Slingo a little bit more compelling than other versions which have simply been the original game in a different wrapper. That said, the biggest issue with Slingo is that winning isn’t as frequent as we’d like – although reaching the stage where you’re offered more spins for extra wagers seems a little more popular. The problem there is that winning seems even further out of reach.

If you’re a fan of either Rainbow Riches or Slingo then this is a particular good version to play – but good luck trying to hit the prize trail.