Jackpots Of Goo Slot Review

Every now and then you come across a new game which takes surrealism to a whole new level. Whoever devised the new Sky Vegas game – Jackpots of Goo must have been smoking some weird stuff. Jackpots of Goo is based on the popular chain reactor games and features a five stage trail consisting of four Reactor Grid modifiers and a Multiplier Wheel. The game grid comprises 20 jars of goo creatures who resemble melted down and slightly demented minions.

Jackpots of Goo allows you to play from 2p to £150 a spin. Each spin sees the jars of goo vanish and then repopulate. The game is accompanied with appropriately mad music. The aim is to match five or more adjacent jars of the same colour – these pots are then removed and the lines repopulated. When a win occurs the Crackpots feature activates and removes one line and this is also replaced.

If wins continue to cascade then you work your way up the chain of features which also include Shelf Life, Vats of Goo, Goo Wild and Slime Wheel. Each of these features effects the playing area in different ways. To be honest we found Jackpots of Goo all just a litle bit hectic and it’s very confusing to figure out wins. There are wilds but we found they rarely assisted in getting a win and we hardly ever got past the first cascade.

Jackpots of Goo isn’t a game we’d be returning to in a hurry. It’s fun and fans of these kinds of slots will no doubt enjoy it, but for it’s just a tad too OTT! You can try the slot for yourself by visiting Sky Vegas and trying it in free mode – or if you choose to wager then don’t forget new players still get a £10 no deposit bonus.

Jackpots Of Goo is from Games Warehouse Limited and exclusive to Sky Vegas.