Cutie Fruits Slot Review

Cutie Fruits slots is the latest exclusive game from Daub Alderney – the people responsible for the likes of Kitty Bingo, Spin And Win, and Magical Vegas. The game features a bowlful of cute looking fruits and a very happy uplifting sound track. It’s a kind of slots come Bejeweled cross game which makes it a little different to the norm. Unfortunately we can’t embed a free version of the game for you to try but if you visit Spin & Win by clicking on the link then there’s a demo version available there.

Each spin sees a 5×5 grid of fruits appear before you. Any winning combinations (groups of three or more essentially) are squashed and the remaining fruit drop down – any gaps are then filled and if you win again the cycle continues. There’s no limit to the number of win cycles – we picked up seven during our demo play.

As you play you’ll accumulate points and these go towards moving you up the levels. Each level unleashes extra power ups such as Party Pineapple, Jonah Jellyfish and Cocobomb. From what we can gather there’s at least 24 levels of the game.

When we first started playing Cutie Fruits we did wonder whether we’d really enjoy the game. However after a few rounds it quickly grew on us – mainly because you rarely had a losing spin. OK, you didn’t always get your stake back but it’s nice to even get a few coins back. Also a first spin which doesn’t look good can quickly become a winner. On the flip side there doesn’t seem to be that much scope for huge wins!

You can play Cutie Fruits at Magical Vegas and Spin And Win. Both offer demo play, but note that this is only valid until you reach level 2.