All About Spins

Spins is a website dedicated to providing information and news about online slots, slot sites and casino games. The site is owned and operated by Loquax Ltd. Our websites have been mainly bingo orientated (although only and remain active) and we have over 20 years of online experience in the prize and promotions sector. Originally we created a casino style portal at UK Casinos Online ( but moved to this domain as we felt it was more appropriate for the growing market.

When it launched Spins did host demo versions of the games reviewed which was great and provided good content. We intended in providing reviews for games and encouraging user feedback. However with UKGC rules and operators such as Sky Vegas, who’s games we featured, screwing their affiliates which result in our content vanishing, Spins has had to undergo a number of different changes. In fact The UKGC changes did the site no favours as it took a back seat whilst we focused in getting the bingo and slot content on Loquax compliant first.

Today we focus on two main things that spin in an online casino – slots and live game shows. We continue to review and comment on top slot brands plus bring visitors the latest news and player promotions from UK sites. We aim to build on the foundations of Spins and hopefully get more regular content updates, game reviews and offers on to the site. That’s unless The UKGC change the goalposts again.

If you’d like to know more about Spins, Loquax Ltd or perhaps get your site/games featured then please feel free to contact us.

Loquax Ltd is registered in England and Wales, company number 04219383.